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Growing up my has always been immersed with helping animals live a better quality life and caring for livestock. Frequent visits to my grandparents farm in East Texas allowed me to form a deeper understanding of animals due to the enormous amount for strays that my family would bring in to nurse back to health. It was at a young age that my dream to become a Veterinarian began, like most little girls in elementary school. However, unlike most, this dream stuck and only grew as my passion to help animal grew as well.

Once I reached High School it became my goal to be evolved with as many organizations that had any ties to veterinary medicine. My freshman year I was, and still am, a part of the agricultural program. Sophomore year, I was a member of the FFA Veterinary Technician team. Junior year, I am a part of the Vet program in the Veterinary Medicine class along with ISM. Next year I hope to be a part of the Veterinary Practicum class. All of this is in the hopes to prepare me for Veterinary School, and possibly specialization. 


Professional Photos taken by

Rachel Bauldree Photography

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